Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let Them Eat Candy!

Let no one say that a sixteen-year-old cannot go trick-or-treating! And not many people did, most were distracted by the huge creation that was perched on my head 24/7. After nearly a decade of experience in the candy-hunting arts, teenagers have got it down to an exact science/ beautiful art form. The excited clacking of Mary Janes was followed by innocent smiles and a "I like you house/dog/kid(s)" as well as a resounding chorus of "Trick or Treat!" and the sound of VICTORY - candy in your makeshift Forever 21 bag. 

I think this was a high point in my costume-making career. As the fashionable martyr of the French Revolution, the wig proceeded to win my school's costume contest. Why is it that you get more creative on Halloween as you get older?

I was not the only one to utilize the creative juices. Here we have the mandatory Harry Potter character (Luna Lovegood), Catniss from the Hunger Games, the epitome of the Nashvillian stereotype/cow girl and hipster at its' best The Raven from Edgar Allan Poe poem of the same name.

 Dress - Thrifted
 Shirt - Express
 Shoes - Aldo
Wig- Party City
Bow - ripped off stockings
Bisous, mes chéries!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

La petite ballerine sauvage

Granted I've been gone more than a month, but hopefully now I'll be overflowing with interesting things to share. These were taken a few weeks ago a la usual understated chic I choose to wear to school.

However, all that was eclipsed by my role as Drowning Girl in my school's haunted house. Incredibly profitable - since my school is a 100 years old and everything is naturally creepy and dilapidated, no decorations needed. The basement even floods, which is where I spent 2 miraculous hours freezing in a mod swimsuit, tights and vintage nightgown.Before you avert your gaze in disgusted amazement, my fellow compatriots and I decided we weren't really scaring anybody and so went off with a knock-off version of "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, performing to cheering audiences.

Reminicsing mandatory 3rd grade ballet lessons (if you were a little girl in America, you know what I'm talking about) with an arabesque.
I've realized grace is a virtue I do not posses. Although flexibility is.
Cardigan - Guess
Lace cami - American Eagle
Skirt - Express
Tights - from Russia
Flats - Enzo Angiolini
Necklace - from Germany
Clips and earrings - from Kazakhstan

Monday, September 12, 2011

Paper Faces on Parade

Once again kudos to you if you got the Phantom of the Opera reference from one of my favorite songs.

The long over due Masquerade post. What can I say? It was absolutely lovely and posh - most everyone got with the spirit and came in masks. In an underground cellar, amid twinkling lights and grandiloquent glints of glitter, we danced the night away, sans masked intruder/passionately crazed Opera Ghost.

I ran through downtown on my return in the throes of a magical night, clutching a heavy candy bag.

And now to unveil the dress. In the esprit de masquerade, I affected minor Victorian gothic elegance. Mostly, I felt like a vine (please note the floral black lace). A very poofy vine. I came upon it by chance in my favorite thrift store. Like most things I treasure, I discovered it when it was furthest from my mind. 

A few loosely curled strands and a smudge of kohl and voila :
 For inspiration, look no further than Natalya Pushkina, the wife of the father of Russian literature.
Although I must admit my imitation was paltry, I kept with the program. I also decided to throw on a crushed velvet cover-up to enhance my errant 19th century Russian countess look :
 Dress - Thrifted
Shoes - Enzo Angiolini
Jewelry set - Givenchy
Mask - Earthbound
Petticoat (I had to have one) - Party City
Take your turn.
Take a ride.
On a merry - go - round
In an inhuman race.

Eye of gold.

Thigh of blue.
True is false.
Who is who?
Curl of lip.
Swirl of gown.
Ace of hearts.
Face of clown.
Drink it in
Drink it up
'til you drown in the light.
In the sound.


Grinning yellows,
spinning reds.
Take your fill -
let the spectacle
astound you!


Burning glances,
turning heads.
Stop and stare
at the sea of smiles
around you!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Little 20's Magic

Junior year is EXACTLY what everyone said it would be constitutes my petty excuse for my 2-week absence. But now that I'm bemoaning my existence lying in bed with fever and chills, I might as well be productive. I am also bemoaning my over usage of the word bemoan (Getting it out of my system, 'murdering my darlings' as Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch advised).

I realize I owe you the Masquerade post - which went beautifully, by the way, but seeing as my reasoning is impaired at the moment, I will skip ahead to the events of this past Saturday.

I and a few of my friends careened into Green Hills Mall on a wonderful Saturday afternoon as part of a support team. My best guy friend was getting his ears poked by needles and I was torn apart by conflicting emotions. I snapped a few incriminating pictures of him hugging the bear that all little girls getting their ears pierced at Claire's get to hold. Blackmail? I think yes!

As for the outfit, truth be told I am sick of summer and the sweltering weather it includes. Decided I was in dire need of some autumn hues and a touch of the '20s. Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. I think the same thing applies for seasons?

And as usual, my darling artistically-gifted friend Faith snapped most of the pictures.
 Hijacking the Tailoring Station in the Men's Fitting Rooms:
Followed by couch-jacking and other shenanigans :

 I found a turtle!
 Jazz....Booze...Boys....It's a dangerous combination.
It's 1923...and anything goes!
(I wish)
Props if you recognized the back cover summary of one of my favorite modern book series - The Flappers.

Even more props if you're ardently awaiting to read the next installment, Ingenue :
Bobbed hair. Short skirts. Cool jazz. Dark speakeasy. Anything goes.
Dress - American Eagle
Shoes - Gianni Bini
Purse - gift from Argentina
Cloche - Target
Glass necklace - gift 

I have a gnawing suspicion that I was born in the wrong decade/century.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

La vie est fleurie

School has officially started and I will henceforth be buried under tons of work. Decided to celebrate the last of summer by donning this flowery too-short-for-school-dresscode go back-to-school shopping! Amidst the binders and notebooks, picked up some intellectual reading in the guise of the latest Glamour and InStyle (hahahaha!). Incorporated a bit of vintage - sheer shirt was my mom's from the '90s which she brought over with her from Russia. And the '90s are making a comeback, if TeenVogue is to be believed.

The title is inspired by my Le Petit Prince - my latest favorite novel, even though I did have to read it over the summer. En francais. It's just one of those sad, sweet novels that are perfect for both adults and children. I recommend. <3

Polo - Aeropostale
Sheer top - Vintage from mom
Skirt - Express
Shoes - Steve Madden
Necklace - Macy's
Bag - Kathy van Zeeland

P.S: The masquerade is in....6 days! And I've got my dress and mask...Cinderella's accessories and shoes will wait 'till Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Purest Tones

Took a turn picking out children's books at the library for my little bro yesterday afternoon, decided not to let the opportunity to be gawked at by old ladies and gentlemen pass me by.  And gawked at I was indeed, Southern suburbia never fails.

Due to a mountain of summer work, I have recently allowed myself to be lulled into the addicting security of my home clothes. I  realized I would have to raise myself out of this pj/t shirt/boxer short - filled rut by creating a few waves...or making a few buns. My inspirations? Mickey Mouse, Princess Leia, and Natalie Liao of La Vagabond Dame :
On a slightly less positive note, I begin my scariest year of high school ever this Thursday and as the First Commandment of All High School Students mandates, "Thou shalt procrastinate until the very last your summer work" which basically sums up my situation right now. My powers of evasion and denial are exemplary, though- have planned myself a little distraction today in the form of an old college friend stopping by for tea.

If I can't come to the world, the world will have to come to me. I'm quite sure someone famous said that, or maybe I just made it up.
Cardigan - Express
Lilac tank - American Eagle
Eyelet skirt - American Eagle
Bag - Olivia + Joy
Sandals - MADISON
Velvet ribbon - Michael's
Earrings - gift
Belt - Express

Monday, August 8, 2011

And to all a good day

I feel like I'm cheating a bit since this is not an outfit post. However, it does include dreams, happiness and other such things that can be bought at the Mall. I jest of course, but when you have been actively seeking an adorable pair of black Oxfords for several months to no avail, bordering on desperation - the feeling you get when you come into possession of such a pair can only be described as happiness.(P.S: They even smell like leather....)

Here are my immaculate darlings and I cannot wait to wear them with...EVERYTHING.

Oxfords - Nine West
On a more beauty-related note, I have tired of bright neon nail polish and dark, sultry shades a la Vamp and so at the slightest chance decided to buy the prettiest pastel shades. My current favorite novel, The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes may or may not have to do with my choice of nail polish (think late Victorian tea parties). 

Fiji and Lilacism c/o of Essie:

I love the lilac shade so much I've even included a picture of my feet (Quelle horreur!)


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adventures Abound - Expedition into the Unknown

I think it may be a bit obvious from my previous posts that I am a hopeless xenophile. Perhaps it is my way of crawling out of my head - a reoccurring urge that I have had for a very long time; which is why when my Bengali friend offered the chance to attend and help out at the annual Bangamela conference (remember what I studied in Gov School?) I excitedly agreed. After seeing some of my performance pictures from Governor's School, she decided to dub me an honorary Bengali staff member.

Image my absolute delight when I tell my Bengali teacher the news and it turns out his mom organizes the whole thing! Not only that, he will be driving from Memphis to see me there!

As an honorary Bengali staff member, I had to arrive at the convention bright and early at 9 am in my plain, white-people clothing. Everyone was so gorgeous in all their saris and their brightly colored shalwar kameez that I just felt ethnically plain. Thankfully my friend arrived and changed me into proper ethnic attire :
The Bengali have a rich artistic and cultural background - the area has not only produced many artists and intellectuals, but political and spiritual leaders as well. In that vein, the whole day, 10 am - 1am was filled with performances - plays, singing, dancing, story-telling - every cultural and artistic endeavor imaginable was represented on that stage!

After completing some mandatory management tasks as well as sneaking off to the Starbucks in the Marriott for some much needed caffeine jolts,  I finally got around to doing what I seem to do best - distracting people from their jobs by means of conversation. This is how my teacher and I managed to not really work at the registration desk and how, after he left me to man the desk alone to go drinking with his buddies, my friends came by and I continued to not work at the registration desk.

The reason for our distraction? We wanted to have a photo shoot:
Janani, myself and Raktima as the Bollywood version of Charlie's Angels

I think this qualifies as an outfit post, although I was afraid to breathe in this shalwar kameez lest I damage it in some way.

Execution of our brilliant idea to take a jumping picture...a string of beautifully entertaining failures. Notice the very-weirded out lady in the corner.
When my teacher made his way downstairs, I tried to act busy but it was far too late and we were far too giggly. As a reward for our 'good' behavior, he brought us back cookies:
And now for some Bengali phrases to complete this cultural post. Mind you this is the transliteration, not their actual script.
Dhonno-bad = Thank you
Nomushkar  = Hello (can also be used as good-bye, just like Aloha)
Amaar naam [insert name] = My name is...
Tomaar naam ki? = What is your name? (informal)
Toomi kamon acho? = How are you? (informal)
Aami thik ache. (Ah-mee teek ach-eh) = I am okay/well/alright.