Friday, July 27, 2012

Rebellious Streaks

aerie color block shirt. Tahari sandals. American Eagle shorts. Asos clutch. Lucky Brand rings. Essie nail color in Blue Rhapsody
If you haven't noticed I am an American Eagle rat, although in their defense they have perfected the prep school wanderer look - stylish, simple and comfortable, with a touch of the boho. Also, since it's summer I don't wear real clothes anymore - it's aerie's feathery light and paper thin almost-sleepwear that I crave, hence the shirt.
I'm done with pastels for the season. There is just no way pastels can fly in the summer. In the spring you can afford to look like you were dropped from the Easter Bunny's magic basket, but in summer we must all bring out our rebellious clothing. Oh look! Those shorts don't reach her fingertips and are an unnatural color! 
In my moment of weakness I succumbed to the blue craze. Nearly a decade ago I told myself, never again would I actively use blue in my wardrobe or particularly enjoy using it when convenience and comfort demanded it. I have always been told that I must wear lots of blue because it complements my eyes, brings out the color. So errant well-wishers would give me enough blue clothing and accessories to choke a baby elephant. And I hated it. So unoriginal (I was a little hipster before I even knew what a hipster was)! But now I heed the cloying wisdom of my elders - blue is my color, no matter how much I crave being able to look good in red. 
Anyway - I broke down and bought metallic blue nail polish - which, by the way, is the new black of nail polish (or dark red - could never go wrong with a vampy shade) - and I loved it so much I practically shoved it in the face of coworkers and passerby and made them croon about how pretty it was and how it reflected the light. Obsessive much?
Expect more intense plumage from me this summer...except it's not a summer at all since school starts back up on the first.So not only will our bodies be baking in the heat, but so will our brains.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Big City Dreamin'

 Express blouse and belt. Rachel Roy skirt. Asos clutch. Gianni Bini flats (not pictured)
 Now that I am a visual junkie with slight ADD tendencies, subsisting primarily on a diet of blog photos, deviantART, Pintrest and Facebook (but only the Facebook pages of my photography friends), it should come as no surprise that I went for the pretty picture. The skirt is actually a print of the Manhattan skyline in watercolor and the sunshine yellow called out to me, challenging me to find a top to go with it. Usually, I am a firm believer in buying up the basics - black, cream, navy, tan, light pink - colors that match with the majority of the things I have in my closet. But who ever heard of teenage girls making rational decisions on a daily basis?

Another irrational decision - trooping around downtown Franklin in the blistering heat. Stopped off at Sweet Cece's to bask in the miracle that is air conditioning and ice cream and discovered the prettiest bathroom. EVER. Almost tempted to sneak my camera in there and take some shots of the gorgeous stained glass windows but then I realized even my insane visual cravings must have a limit.

Summer is rapidly coming to a the calm before the storm, I'm sensing the piles of work that will soon engulf me, smelling the stress in the wind. But for now, throw caution to the wind because the fireflies are leaving.


Monday, July 16, 2012

And the Sun Ate Her Eyes

Vintage top, vintage jacket, American Eagle denim shorts, leather bag from Argentina

After a bit of self reflection and a few much-needed caffeine jolts from all the times I've pulled all-nighters in the last few weeks, I still have no idea where this blog is going. I think it derailed around the time I decided most other people sucked at taking pictures of me and that I was better off taking pictures of them. Which were better. And exactly the way I wanted them to be. My aspirations to higher fashion evaporated with the record-breaking triple-digit heat, which left me unable to do anything but preserve my vampiric paleness and bemoan.

I've discovered the joys of Photoshop and of being a workaholic and may just ship myself off to an Addicts Anonymous meeting one of these days. But other than that my summer has been not a summer at all. The decadent delights of lazily perusing a stack of classics as I sip my tea and float around the house in layers of white are lost to a yellow, lime green or black (only for Fridays) uniform tee and sports shorts as well as the dubious joy of many children all in one place. I can hardly finish reading The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, let alone start on something non-school-related, like Foucault's Pendulum.

So what I mean to say, with much beating around the bush, is that there is a huge, awesome idea waiting to conk me on the head. It just hasn't happened yet. To tide you over until my awesomeness comes along, prepare for a picture vomit: I've taken over 1000.