Wednesday, January 18, 2012

With Abandon

Turned out spectacularly well considering how slapped together this outfit was.This was one of those days that I "dressed with abandon" and surrendered to inspiration garnered from the Universe. Not to sound too New Age. 

My precious baby (clarification - my Canon EOS DSLR), the mysteries of whom I am still exploring (read: pressing random buttons in rapid succession and hoping nothing breaks), took these wonderful pictures. The focus, however, is not my woolen skirt or my new sweater, but my red pout. Where has lipstick been my entire life? Like any color-obsessed female, I have always felt drawn to makeup, but my large eyes are too much for most eyeshadow, throwing me into the welcoming arms of lipstick. Kate Moss' new line of Rimmel cosmetics is amazing - wearing one of her creations.

The idea was Industrial Decay, but somehow it got twisted into Brunette Marilyn Monroe shots.
Wool skirt - Kensie
Sweater - Bar III
Tights - Cynthia Rowley
Lace cami - American Eagle
Rimmel lipstick in 08
Booties - Naturalizer

Friday, January 13, 2012

Inspiration : Chocolat

 When marooned in such an in-between season such as January - February in Nashville(and marooned at home due to a tepid snow day), I find my fashion inspiration turning to the enchanting and ultimately posh world of chocolat. C'est l'art, n'est pas? I can easily see the bows, the frills, the neutral palette filling my wardrobe at the start of the year. 
As a side note, I need that mug.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dearly belated 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I beg forgiveness as I am still in time for Russian Orthodox Christmas (January 7th), Old New Year (January 13th) and Chinese New Year (January 23rd).

Amidst the gifts, and rosy-tinted hues of time spent with family and friends, I have had a marvelous break from the real world. Shopping is also in an exalted stage this time of year - picked up this breezy, loose-fitting Kensie shirt and Chinese Laundry tube socks. I cannot play around with these two pieces of my wardrobe enough! Also picked up an amazing dusty pink pussycat bow Express tunic, to be debuted this Friday.

I have made it my New Year's resolution to improve the quantity and quality of my posts!