Friday, April 27, 2012

Lips as Red as Roses

Having attended THE most famous, traditional high school event, the one that's the site of all the teen chick-flick climaxes, my high school experience is almost complete. It was the one night in so many years where I enjoyed being a girl in the media sense of the word - get my make-up done at Chanel, walk around the mall in my jeans and French Connection hoodie while being completely made up from the neck up, talk about the silliest things and squeal over each others' dresses.

The little egoist in me was a bit upset that Prom was the day right after my birthday and therefore stole ALL my birthday thunder. It's okay though - I had made a flower crown the night before and floated at the awards ceremony dressed as a fairy.

I went for a short white dress because I a.) had no date (or any desire to have one) b.) love white no matter how much it washes me out c.) was planning to really dance at Prom, not stand around staring at all the gyrating couples from the sidelines and d.) I secretly thought this was a Chanel-esque ensemble. Accordingly, decided Chanel's Rouge Coco in No.19 Gabrielle would spice up my fairly classic style-icon-inspired ensemble. This is also one of those colors I imagine putting on outside the lines when I'm old, wrinkly and blind (I've already decided to be a very hip old grandma...with a red Ferrari).
We took pictures at the most gorgeous campus ever - gotta love those well-funded private Christian universities and their abundance of gardens and gazebos.
 Dress - Kensie
Shoes - kelly & katie
 Earrings - Givenchy

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Village by the Water

Like all my favorite photo shoots, this one was impromptu and natural. It felt divine to be at the lake on Easter Sunday (I am Orthodox, our Easter is a week later) right after a crazy night of Prom and party buses (photos to come later). I was feeling a little drained or maybe a little like a fairy woken up from a deep deep sleep and so my fancy fashion sense kind of went downhill.

But how could I resist? How could anyone resist this romantic and whimsical coral confection (that I happened to buy at Philly's H&M) or the equally amazing and soft peach cardigan(that I also got in Philly)?

I mean, who doesn't want to look like an Easter egg? Or a creamy concoction of...something.
Besides feeling like a fairy, I felt like a character in a neo-Victorian Gothic ghost story. The ones that happen in New England and involve girls in pretty dresses in gorgeous, if desolate rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean. Kinda like this :
And I almost forgot - 4 more days until my 17th birthday (henceforth dubbed the Sexy Seventeen because there is no way I'm letting Sweet Sixteen have it all)! Gosh I feel old already.

Dress - H&M
Cardigan - Nordstrom
Essie turquoise and caicos nail polish
Bare feet and whimsical attitude - Model's own

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Classy Coquette

Wearing my new ASOS clutch that came in the mail today. It arrived right before my friend did and I kind of maybe lost my head to "Package Fever"  - the overwhelming feeling that overtakes you when you see a wrapped birthday present/letter/parcel (even if it's not for you). Also, I am a slave to new things. I may or may not have sniffed, petted, danced around with and squealed about my new purchase(s)(there is a second one).

Was rifling through the bookstore again (I swear I have all the titles memorized, but after a while, the teen section just starts to sound the same) when I saw Derek Blasburg's Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady. I like to pretend, with my high heels and conservative-ish style and the thank-you notes I buy because they look pretty, that I can pass for a lady. Although please don't ask me about what happens when the car in front of me goes 30 on a 55 mph road. Anyway, the man speaks the truth and he speaks it in a very amusing way (with pictures for all those visual-addicted, easily bored readers) - there are just not enough longer skirts out there in the world. Or women with self-respect, although when you get down to it the two factors correlate.

I think my look passes for lady-like. Feminine, airy skirt with conservative black pumps and a cropped military jacket and the girly bag (which I totally veni, vidi, and bought).
 Philadelphia tomorrow!

  Dress - Kensie
Jacket - Macy's
Pumps - kelly&katie
Clutch - Asos

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Overcome by the worst sort of lethargy, I have finally embarked on the much needed and much anticipated Spring Break! My trip to Philadelphia is also a few days away and I have big plans for the City of Brotherly Love (expect more pictures from the 'baby').

My style has decidedly taken a turn for the natural as brown and earthy tones start to fill the Spring/Summer wardrobe. And happily, I've found a way to wear the authentic traditional Bavarian skirt my grandmother brought me (she also brought me several authentic Bavarian dresses and shirts a la busty German girls on beer bottles, but I still have no event besides the International Fair to which to wear them).

Feeling very Oklahoma! and as you can see, hijacked the Stetson again.
Blouse - Guess
Skirt - from Bavaria
Brown leather cross body - from Argentina
Flats - Enzi Angiolini
Stetson - stolen from Mom's gardening accessories