Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Overcome by the worst sort of lethargy, I have finally embarked on the much needed and much anticipated Spring Break! My trip to Philadelphia is also a few days away and I have big plans for the City of Brotherly Love (expect more pictures from the 'baby').

My style has decidedly taken a turn for the natural as brown and earthy tones start to fill the Spring/Summer wardrobe. And happily, I've found a way to wear the authentic traditional Bavarian skirt my grandmother brought me (she also brought me several authentic Bavarian dresses and shirts a la busty German girls on beer bottles, but I still have no event besides the International Fair to which to wear them).

Feeling very Oklahoma! and as you can see, hijacked the Stetson again.
Blouse - Guess
Skirt - from Bavaria
Brown leather cross body - from Argentina
Flats - Enzi Angiolini
Stetson - stolen from Mom's gardening accessories


  1. I'm SO glad I found you through Chictopia. I love your style and your blog is killer. These pictures are not only very pretty, but I'm still obsessing over the outfit. Keep it up, can't wait to see more posts in the future as I'm definitely following!

    Triple Thread