Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flashspiration : The Froufy Bow

 A moment of temporary stress and weariness-induced insanity has got me back to my childhood when ice cream was just the best thing on earth and when I actually had time to play outside after school when the weather was great. Ice cream is still great, but it's been bumped down by lipstick, Snapple and Japanese mechanical pencils (if you don't agree with me, you haven't held a real Japanese mechanical pencil - I literally have 3 types swimming in my bag right now).
This was another one of those accidental buys. I saw it and it called out to me (especially since it was an amazing $1.59), reminding me of those sun-drenched days and lemon ice cream from Whole Foods. Plus the whole scarves-as-bows trend is right up my alley. Paired it with pretty low-key pieces so that the ginormous multicolored bow on my neck would speak for itself. Felt like a pretty chill 5 year old.

Ice Cream Scarf : Thrifted
Shirt : Oscar de la Renta
Light jacket : American Eagle
Capris : American Rag
Flats : Nine West

1 comment:

  1. i use japanese mechanical pencils too! i've had mine for a while though...it never got lost apparently!