Sunday, March 18, 2012

Desert Belle

Finally succumbed to the western trend. If you've opened a fashion magazine or scoured the internet, you would understand how hard it was not to give in. Had to get creative because plaid is dead to me. For now. So I stole my mom's droopy Stetson that she uses for gardening to adorn my lacy dress which is really one of those all-purpose non-LBDs.
 And then there are the boots. Worn only 3 times and costing more than any article of clothing I have ever owned. Two years ago, Elena and I celebrated her birthday in downtown Nashville and she just  had to have some genuine $200 country boots. She also decided I just had to have a pair of my own. At least I dissuaded her from buying us cowboy hats.
Dress - kensie
Bag - from Argentina
Boots - Cowboy boot store in Nashville
Hat - stolen from mom's gardening supplies
Necklace - Forever21


  1. Usually not a huge fan of the Western look, but I love this!