Sunday, March 4, 2012

Odette to Pleats

Feeling like a dramatic cross between Ophelia and Odette. But I'll settle for any character in a Shakespearean version of Swan Lake. My first inspiration was Black Swan minus the creepy and suicidal. Maybe not the suicidal - I did almost fall down the rocks several times. I have got to start shooting in civilization-friendly areas. 

The focal point of this outfit is the skirt - a little peep of spring from underneath that black and white drama. Picked it up on sale at BCBG and could not believe it! Pleats and a spring watercolor print = way too much gorgeous for this skirt. My satisfied squee of joy would have broken your eardrums. 
Skirt - BCBGeneration
White vintage nightgown
Crocheted top - The Limited
Flats - Enzo Angiolini
Earrings - francesca's collection

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