Monday, February 27, 2012

Heralds of Spring

The first whiff of sunshine and flowers in the wind has brought an increase in class note doodles, whimsical daydreams, and girls busting out their florals. Guilty as charged. Granted I was praying for sunshine and acceptable weather so I could don my new silky dress. I have never been a fan of florals, but this kensie version was such a cool, classy take on a romantic staple that I just couldn't resist.

A wonderful day spent in the company of an old friend I hadn't seen in a while. Our quest for the perfect lighting and excellent surroundings led us to an old textile mill and the site of the Steeplechase, of all places. I felt much more adventurous when not wearing my 4-inch pumps. If you'd like to follow the order of events - the lighting started out bright on our Steeplechase promenade and ended in the golden tones of sunset at the old textile mill.
And to meet the photographer, who has already made an appearance:
These are the products of a joyride and a Sonic-infested diet.

Dress - kensie
Flats - Gianni Bini
Hat - Target
 Bracelets - World Market
Ring - Arden B.

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