Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lady of the Lake

My obsession with taking creative, quality pictures has led me to situations both dangerous and wild. Yesterday, teetering along on my 4 inch heels, I, the picture of trusting innocence, followed my friend to a 'really cool place by the lake/river(whatever it is)'. Squeals and near-death experiences awaited me as at times I had to be carried down steep pathways (read: muddy and not good for 4-inch heels). Only serves as another reminder as to why Mother Nature and I don't talk often.

My friend was right - it was a beautiful, neglected place and the tentative sunset tinged the water.

I emerged a lady of the lake! Resplendent, if shivering, in light cream fabric (I think we see a trend - my obsession with cream and black)...it was all very otherworld-esque.
What have I been doing with my life previously? What kind of self-respecting (Victorian gentlemen...woman...fashion slave?) lacks a pocket watch? Never mind the fact that I can hardly tell time, I feel like I've been cheated out of 16 years of my life. And now I want MORE. Got it from THE most hipster store Pangaea - you pay for the atmosphere and the occasional sighting of a hipster in his or her native habitat. 
Blouse - Guess
Skirt - Express
Belt - Express
Bag - Olivia + Joy
Heels - Kelly & Katie
Pocket watch necklace - Pangaea

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