Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bohemian Sunshine

An alternative title could be : Flirtatious Pumps - just look at the coy little bows on my new kelly&katies! Black pumps are the Holy Grail of all basic wardrobe building and I am ashamed to say I just got mine. However, not only did they comprise part I of my "How to Walk in Heels and Not Die" training, they also reinvented my spring dress for the period of 2-3 weeks of disproportionately brumal weather we Nashvillians call Winter.
More action with my 'baby' today - playing around with aperture and shutter speed.

Perhaps it's the pocket watch necklace I bought, but I'm feeling like a very attractive vagabond Victorian gentleman. Or like a ragamuffin, which is how I'm dressed. Let's affirm : The only thing that can make a man more attractive than Armani Code is a pocket watch. One that he must obnoxiously take out all the time because he just needs to know what time it is (or more like show it off to attract the ladies).

Not let me go teeter off to some dilapidated cafe where I discuss radical political philosophies while partaking of absinthe in the company of fellow genius artists. Like the wannabe Bohemian I am. 
Dress - American Eagle
Top - kensie
Bag - Olivia + Joy
Jacket -Macy's
Shoes - kelly & katie
Pocket watch necklace (I cheated, I know) - Pangaea

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