Friday, May 27, 2011

Fly Away

 My skin is really sensitive - denim + heat = breakout all over. So today I decided to go light and easy with my favorite maxi dress that I haven't brought out of the closet in a while. And my old favorite shirt. I used to ADORE this thing last summer - it's light and see-through and 100% cotton so it doesn't irritate my skin.

This guy asked me today, "Why do you always wear see-through shirts?' What could I say besides, "Because I can." See-through shirts are gorgeous and light and it's not like I wear them by themselves - tank tops are mandatory. But men, what can they understand? X)

We were let off early today because of exams. I am happy to report that I bombed my art exam with a C. My average still ended up being a very high A though.... Walked around downtown with friends, visited Earthbound - the amazing store of eclectic strange goodies and MASKS!

Here I am browsing for masks - I am most probably going to wear blue to the masquerade.
Nelly creepin' with her full-face mask.

Will really wants a full-face Guy Fawkes mask

I kind of want to get these - they remind me of steampunk goggles.
 One of these days, I feel absolutely obligated to feature a steam punk outfit. Sometime in fall maybe?

Maxi Dress - Express
See-through button-down - Express
Earrings - Guess
Ring -Earthbound
Zodiac necklace - Germany
Clips - Kazakhstan

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Floral Adventurer

 The tan jacket strikes again! Je l'aime! I could not wear this outfit until I had the perfect brown belt with which to cinch the jacket! And as badly as my trip to Forever21 went (never shopping there again, oh the horror), I cannot deny them their decently-priced, pretty belts.

I bemoan the unwillingness of my photographer and I am happy to report that very soon I will be going out with friends and will therefore have a change of scenery and artistic photography (most of my friends are art geeks). Which means I will have to come up with some dazzling outfit for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I am counting the days... 2 more school days until I'm free!

Save the best for last! I love this last shot, it's! <3

Tan jacket - Express
Floral top - Express
Capris - American Rag
Flats - Antonio Melani
Belt - Forever21
Necklace - Forever 21
Earrings (if you can see them) - Rachel Roy
Bag - Kathy van Zeeland

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All the Colors of Gray

 Well, I've missed a few days of pretty outfits and for that I'm sorry...EXAM SEASON IS BACK ON! (someone save me)

Besides that, I went shopping! I went a little over budget but it was definitely worth it! I finally got my longed-for sandals! They have a thick sole and tons of straps and it's just perfect! Also got this light-weight summery gray hoodie from American Eagle. That store has AMAZINGLY cute summer clothes - not quite preppy, but bright and relaxed, which totally fits my image of summer. Oh I would clear out that store if I could - or at least buy up their amazing hats! And I got yet another skirt! This one a gray eyelet high-waisted number that I wore today.

Once we got the skirt though, I wanted a top to go along with it. We rifled through some great (but expensive) Rachel Roy and Jessica Simpson finds, simultaneously stumbling upon a mini fashion shoot in Macy's, until my personal shopper/family friend found a white eyelet top! So here it all is :

I was invited to a Masquerade this August! Oh it's been my dream to go to a Masquerade - I loved that scene in Phantom of the Opera when they were singing "Masquerade" and everyone was all dolled up.Christine's outfit was disappointingly boring. And in fact, I never did like her. Choosing some rich pretty boy over talent and passion?!

But yes, anyway, I want to create my own costume - because I know nothing that already exists could ever suit me (unless it's a costume from the set). Enjoy!

Gray hoodie - American Eagle
Gray eyelet skirt - American Eagle
White eyelet top - Express
Gray sandals - Madison
Hat - I stole from mom
Sunglasses - Tommy Hilfiger
Necklaces - Forever 21

Friday, May 20, 2011


Counting down the days... The weather yo-yoed up to 85 degrees so I went with something simple and light. This dress is really old, but I haven't worn it in a while so I decided to revive it today. My efforts paid off - was serenaded with many "I love your dress!" and "Your earrings are cute!"

Right after school ends, I'm leaving for Governor's School for International Studies, this month-long program that's basically like school for 4 hours and fun stuff for the rest of that time. I get to earn college credit and the state of Tennessee pays for it all so it's a good deal. But I'll have to live with a roommate. ON MY OWN. With no one to make me pastries. My mother is an amazing cook but the thing in our family is that the "cooking talent" skips a generation. My great-grandma cooks really well, but both my grandmothers don't cook at all. My mother is an amazing cook, but I can't even cook stir fry without the fire department coming over (true story, will maybe recount later).

But back to the main point. When I realized I was going away FOR A MONTH and that I would have to sleep near a stranger - I feared for my immortal soul.

Because I do not have cute PJs. I sleep in boxer shorts and worn t-shirts - my sleep clothes are not cute at all! And I've realized my summer wardrobe needs to be reawakened. More dresses and maxi skirts and scarves! My goal is to float this summer, not walk.

And this is a close-up of my hairstyle. I have been absolutely in love with braids recently and I decided to put my pesky, overgrown bangs to good use!

Green dress - Macy's
Sandals - Off Broadway
Earrings and necklace - Ten Thousand Villages, gift
Bag - Kathy van Zeeland
Sunglasses - Tommy Hilfiger
(I also have green plaid short short underneath - for security :P)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Indigo Amazon

The debut of my mini skirt! This is my second skirt and I love love love it! You can't see in the picture, but it has gold buttons at the top. Weather warmed up, but not enough to bar me from wearing my denim jacket.

And I noticed, bad mood = really good pictures. I have to say these are my favorite, maybe because I'm not smiling like an idiot? Thursdays are when we entertain our German family friends at our house and so my mom was all worked up to get ready on time.

All the seniors leaving has left me misty-eyed and out-of-it. I am no longer *in* Nashville, but dreaming about the next stage of my life: college. I have a pathological need to travel and it rears it's angsty, ADD self in brief spells of I-am-not-here. I suppose I can't wait to get away!

Sad face much? I also decided to paint my nails in hot pink. :3 Haven't pampered myself in a while.

And here is the art project I SLAVED AWAY completing on Monday. Turns out the art teacher wasn't even there - she's in D.C. for the whole week so I can't present and get it over with.
Skirt - Express
Flowery shirt - Express
Black tank top - American Eagle
Jean jacket - Levi's, Macy's
Silver heeled sandals - Nine West
(butterfly)Bracelet and (butterfly)earrings - Guess
Ring - Earthbound
Zodiac necklace (Aries) - German gift!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Les Chroniques de Parapluie

Dark and dreary days call for comfy clothes and umbrellas! I really wish the end of the school year would be cool and stormy because  for some strange reason I find it easier to dress for cool weather than warm weather. I decided to be comfy and warm in the Oscar de la Renta t-shirt I stole from my mom - it's so nice and slouchy!

I decided an umbrella was necessary since it was pouring this morning - I got this adorable one at Staples (it supports Breast Cancer). I think I am turning into this guy :

This adorable sheep is from Smeshariki, a Russian cartoon show that is just too adorable! He <3's his umbrella.

[P.S] Les Chroniques de Parapluie is French for "Umbrella Chronicles" and is the name I gave to le petit dessin anime I had to dream up for French class. Needless to say, I was the only kid with a cartoon movie poster. If it ever comes into being, I'm sure it'll be a Studio Ghibli film full of magical umbrellas, adorable children, and bright red Wellies. 'Till then I am quite satisfied watching Pixar. :)
By this time, mom began to demand I look at the camera and not to the side which turned into :

Jacket - Aeropostale
Scarf - Aeropostale
Flats - Gianni Bini
Jeans - Express
Shirt - Oscar de la Renta
Umbrella - Staples
Ring - Earthbound
Zodiac necklace - Germany, present from grandma

Monday, May 16, 2011

We Wore Hats

Long awaited day off from school! Caught a cold with this dreary weather - I swear it yo-yos between sweltering and freezing every few days! Yesterday, I went shopping with my friend who I hadn't seen in ages! And since it was a chilly day, I got to wear my pink leopard print cardigan!

We goofed around in Target before going to Green Hills Mall. Unfortunately, I left empty-handed. Which always makes me feel empty inside.

We found a ton of hats at Target and Elena vowed to take me to the Steeplechase next year so we can buy expensive, quirky hats that we'll only wear once. :)

Meet Elena, my friend since like...3rd grade. Russians unite!

I really need better places to take photos...will do as soon as I get out of the soon as exam season is over.

Finally, my photographer is back on her job! I shouldn't be on here...I should be drenched in oil paint and stinking of turpentine, finishing my art project. Here's to wishful thinking!

Cardigan - Guess
Black cami - American Eagle
Jeans - Grane (I think) Macy's
Zodiac necklace - gift from my grandma from Germany
Clips - gift from Kazakhstan
Earrings - gift
Flats - Enzo Angiolini

Friday, May 13, 2011

To be or not to be

"that is the question." Hamlet Act III, Scene I

No new outfit pictures today, unfortunately. My mother refused to take photos, although I made a very nice Allie Hamilton from the 50's. But I will put up some photos my friend and I took back in March during Spring Break, when we had our own mini photo shoot! I channeled my inner Goth/Vampire/Hamlet and Flower Child while my friend went for the Office Lady look. She also went for Dominatrix, but since it was a Halloween costume, I'll leave that out.

So many projects! School is nearly over but everything is just piling up! Oh the days when I can watch Ratatouille and Tangled without having to worry about some crazy finale art project.

You can all witness my fascination with black. Skull, dagger and quill are optional. :)

When my friend saw this photo, he immediately asked if I was cosplaying Hamlet. Although it was not my intention, it adds to the appeal, doesn't it?

And here's me as the Flower Child. I really love maxi dresses, even if they are uncomfortable to walk in sometimes.

And here's my friend, channeling all her Kim Kardashianesque features (Nelly is also Armenian). I wish I were that curvy!

Black Pants - Red Rivet                                       Maxi Dress - Express
Black Shirt - Express                                           Gold and rose crown - Renaissance Fair
Skull candle - Michael's
Quill - gift
Black Shoes- Aldo
Red Ribbon - Michael's
Choker - Halloween costume