Monday, May 16, 2011

We Wore Hats

Long awaited day off from school! Caught a cold with this dreary weather - I swear it yo-yos between sweltering and freezing every few days! Yesterday, I went shopping with my friend who I hadn't seen in ages! And since it was a chilly day, I got to wear my pink leopard print cardigan!

We goofed around in Target before going to Green Hills Mall. Unfortunately, I left empty-handed. Which always makes me feel empty inside.

We found a ton of hats at Target and Elena vowed to take me to the Steeplechase next year so we can buy expensive, quirky hats that we'll only wear once. :)

Meet Elena, my friend since like...3rd grade. Russians unite!

I really need better places to take photos...will do as soon as I get out of the soon as exam season is over.

Finally, my photographer is back on her job! I shouldn't be on here...I should be drenched in oil paint and stinking of turpentine, finishing my art project. Here's to wishful thinking!

Cardigan - Guess
Black cami - American Eagle
Jeans - Grane (I think) Macy's
Zodiac necklace - gift from my grandma from Germany
Clips - gift from Kazakhstan
Earrings - gift
Flats - Enzo Angiolini

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  1. nice cardigan !
    u girls look so cute ;-)
    and thks for visiting