Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Les Chroniques de Parapluie

Dark and dreary days call for comfy clothes and umbrellas! I really wish the end of the school year would be cool and stormy because  for some strange reason I find it easier to dress for cool weather than warm weather. I decided to be comfy and warm in the Oscar de la Renta t-shirt I stole from my mom - it's so nice and slouchy!

I decided an umbrella was necessary since it was pouring this morning - I got this adorable one at Staples (it supports Breast Cancer). I think I am turning into this guy :

This adorable sheep is from Smeshariki, a Russian cartoon show that is just too adorable! He <3's his umbrella.

[P.S] Les Chroniques de Parapluie is French for "Umbrella Chronicles" and is the name I gave to le petit dessin anime I had to dream up for French class. Needless to say, I was the only kid with a cartoon movie poster. If it ever comes into being, I'm sure it'll be a Studio Ghibli film full of magical umbrellas, adorable children, and bright red Wellies. 'Till then I am quite satisfied watching Pixar. :)
By this time, mom began to demand I look at the camera and not to the side which turned into :

Jacket - Aeropostale
Scarf - Aeropostale
Flats - Gianni Bini
Jeans - Express
Shirt - Oscar de la Renta
Umbrella - Staples
Ring - Earthbound
Zodiac necklace - Germany, present from grandma

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