Thursday, May 26, 2011

Floral Adventurer

 The tan jacket strikes again! Je l'aime! I could not wear this outfit until I had the perfect brown belt with which to cinch the jacket! And as badly as my trip to Forever21 went (never shopping there again, oh the horror), I cannot deny them their decently-priced, pretty belts.

I bemoan the unwillingness of my photographer and I am happy to report that very soon I will be going out with friends and will therefore have a change of scenery and artistic photography (most of my friends are art geeks). Which means I will have to come up with some dazzling outfit for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I am counting the days... 2 more school days until I'm free!

Save the best for last! I love this last shot, it's! <3

Tan jacket - Express
Floral top - Express
Capris - American Rag
Flats - Antonio Melani
Belt - Forever21
Necklace - Forever 21
Earrings (if you can see them) - Rachel Roy
Bag - Kathy van Zeeland

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