Thursday, May 19, 2011

Indigo Amazon

The debut of my mini skirt! This is my second skirt and I love love love it! You can't see in the picture, but it has gold buttons at the top. Weather warmed up, but not enough to bar me from wearing my denim jacket.

And I noticed, bad mood = really good pictures. I have to say these are my favorite, maybe because I'm not smiling like an idiot? Thursdays are when we entertain our German family friends at our house and so my mom was all worked up to get ready on time.

All the seniors leaving has left me misty-eyed and out-of-it. I am no longer *in* Nashville, but dreaming about the next stage of my life: college. I have a pathological need to travel and it rears it's angsty, ADD self in brief spells of I-am-not-here. I suppose I can't wait to get away!

Sad face much? I also decided to paint my nails in hot pink. :3 Haven't pampered myself in a while.

And here is the art project I SLAVED AWAY completing on Monday. Turns out the art teacher wasn't even there - she's in D.C. for the whole week so I can't present and get it over with.
Skirt - Express
Flowery shirt - Express
Black tank top - American Eagle
Jean jacket - Levi's, Macy's
Silver heeled sandals - Nine West
(butterfly)Bracelet and (butterfly)earrings - Guess
Ring - Earthbound
Zodiac necklace (Aries) - German gift!

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