Friday, May 27, 2011

Fly Away

 My skin is really sensitive - denim + heat = breakout all over. So today I decided to go light and easy with my favorite maxi dress that I haven't brought out of the closet in a while. And my old favorite shirt. I used to ADORE this thing last summer - it's light and see-through and 100% cotton so it doesn't irritate my skin.

This guy asked me today, "Why do you always wear see-through shirts?' What could I say besides, "Because I can." See-through shirts are gorgeous and light and it's not like I wear them by themselves - tank tops are mandatory. But men, what can they understand? X)

We were let off early today because of exams. I am happy to report that I bombed my art exam with a C. My average still ended up being a very high A though.... Walked around downtown with friends, visited Earthbound - the amazing store of eclectic strange goodies and MASKS!

Here I am browsing for masks - I am most probably going to wear blue to the masquerade.
Nelly creepin' with her full-face mask.

Will really wants a full-face Guy Fawkes mask

I kind of want to get these - they remind me of steampunk goggles.
 One of these days, I feel absolutely obligated to feature a steam punk outfit. Sometime in fall maybe?

Maxi Dress - Express
See-through button-down - Express
Earrings - Guess
Ring -Earthbound
Zodiac necklace - Germany
Clips - Kazakhstan

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  1. wow!! those pictures are so beautiful and unique!! and i really love your blue maxi dress!!