Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All the Colors of Gray

 Well, I've missed a few days of pretty outfits and for that I'm sorry...EXAM SEASON IS BACK ON! (someone save me)

Besides that, I went shopping! I went a little over budget but it was definitely worth it! I finally got my longed-for sandals! They have a thick sole and tons of straps and it's just perfect! Also got this light-weight summery gray hoodie from American Eagle. That store has AMAZINGLY cute summer clothes - not quite preppy, but bright and relaxed, which totally fits my image of summer. Oh I would clear out that store if I could - or at least buy up their amazing hats! And I got yet another skirt! This one a gray eyelet high-waisted number that I wore today.

Once we got the skirt though, I wanted a top to go along with it. We rifled through some great (but expensive) Rachel Roy and Jessica Simpson finds, simultaneously stumbling upon a mini fashion shoot in Macy's, until my personal shopper/family friend found a white eyelet top! So here it all is :

I was invited to a Masquerade this August! Oh it's been my dream to go to a Masquerade - I loved that scene in Phantom of the Opera when they were singing "Masquerade" and everyone was all dolled up.Christine's outfit was disappointingly boring. And in fact, I never did like her. Choosing some rich pretty boy over talent and passion?!

But yes, anyway, I want to create my own costume - because I know nothing that already exists could ever suit me (unless it's a costume from the set). Enjoy!

Gray hoodie - American Eagle
Gray eyelet skirt - American Eagle
White eyelet top - Express
Gray sandals - Madison
Hat - I stole from mom
Sunglasses - Tommy Hilfiger
Necklaces - Forever 21

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