Friday, May 13, 2011

To be or not to be

"that is the question." Hamlet Act III, Scene I

No new outfit pictures today, unfortunately. My mother refused to take photos, although I made a very nice Allie Hamilton from the 50's. But I will put up some photos my friend and I took back in March during Spring Break, when we had our own mini photo shoot! I channeled my inner Goth/Vampire/Hamlet and Flower Child while my friend went for the Office Lady look. She also went for Dominatrix, but since it was a Halloween costume, I'll leave that out.

So many projects! School is nearly over but everything is just piling up! Oh the days when I can watch Ratatouille and Tangled without having to worry about some crazy finale art project.

You can all witness my fascination with black. Skull, dagger and quill are optional. :)

When my friend saw this photo, he immediately asked if I was cosplaying Hamlet. Although it was not my intention, it adds to the appeal, doesn't it?

And here's me as the Flower Child. I really love maxi dresses, even if they are uncomfortable to walk in sometimes.

And here's my friend, channeling all her Kim Kardashianesque features (Nelly is also Armenian). I wish I were that curvy!

Black Pants - Red Rivet                                       Maxi Dress - Express
Black Shirt - Express                                           Gold and rose crown - Renaissance Fair
Skull candle - Michael's
Quill - gift
Black Shoes- Aldo
Red Ribbon - Michael's
Choker - Halloween costume

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