Friday, April 27, 2012

Lips as Red as Roses

Having attended THE most famous, traditional high school event, the one that's the site of all the teen chick-flick climaxes, my high school experience is almost complete. It was the one night in so many years where I enjoyed being a girl in the media sense of the word - get my make-up done at Chanel, walk around the mall in my jeans and French Connection hoodie while being completely made up from the neck up, talk about the silliest things and squeal over each others' dresses.

The little egoist in me was a bit upset that Prom was the day right after my birthday and therefore stole ALL my birthday thunder. It's okay though - I had made a flower crown the night before and floated at the awards ceremony dressed as a fairy.

I went for a short white dress because I a.) had no date (or any desire to have one) b.) love white no matter how much it washes me out c.) was planning to really dance at Prom, not stand around staring at all the gyrating couples from the sidelines and d.) I secretly thought this was a Chanel-esque ensemble. Accordingly, decided Chanel's Rouge Coco in No.19 Gabrielle would spice up my fairly classic style-icon-inspired ensemble. This is also one of those colors I imagine putting on outside the lines when I'm old, wrinkly and blind (I've already decided to be a very hip old grandma...with a red Ferrari).
We took pictures at the most gorgeous campus ever - gotta love those well-funded private Christian universities and their abundance of gardens and gazebos.
 Dress - Kensie
Shoes - kelly & katie
 Earrings - Givenchy

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