Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Classy Coquette

Wearing my new ASOS clutch that came in the mail today. It arrived right before my friend did and I kind of maybe lost my head to "Package Fever"  - the overwhelming feeling that overtakes you when you see a wrapped birthday present/letter/parcel (even if it's not for you). Also, I am a slave to new things. I may or may not have sniffed, petted, danced around with and squealed about my new purchase(s)(there is a second one).

Was rifling through the bookstore again (I swear I have all the titles memorized, but after a while, the teen section just starts to sound the same) when I saw Derek Blasburg's Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady. I like to pretend, with my high heels and conservative-ish style and the thank-you notes I buy because they look pretty, that I can pass for a lady. Although please don't ask me about what happens when the car in front of me goes 30 on a 55 mph road. Anyway, the man speaks the truth and he speaks it in a very amusing way (with pictures for all those visual-addicted, easily bored readers) - there are just not enough longer skirts out there in the world. Or women with self-respect, although when you get down to it the two factors correlate.

I think my look passes for lady-like. Feminine, airy skirt with conservative black pumps and a cropped military jacket and the girly bag (which I totally veni, vidi, and bought).
 Philadelphia tomorrow!

  Dress - Kensie
Jacket - Macy's
Pumps - kelly&katie
Clutch - Asos


  1. That clutch is gorgeous! And I think classiness is definitely underrated. And who wouldn't buy thank you notes just because they look pretty?!

  2. You look lovely. :) I really enjoy the way you write; it's a joy to read! I also buy things just because they're pretty--my most recent favorites have been second-hand postcards of flowers and paintings, haha.