Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dainty Obsession

This past week has been a blur of activity, trying to squeeze in as much social time as possible before I'm off to the 8 month-long purgatory they call Junior Year *cue ominous music*. Yesterday, I insisted on seeing my friend Minhal before he flew the nest to college - we had months of stuff to catch up on.

I have a curious preoccupation with coffee shops. They are the perfect place to talk and drown your sorrows in sugar. We met up at Starbucks first but then strolled off to Hillsboro Village to check out some of the vintage shops. It was there that I had the idea to stop by Provence for desert and hot chocolate. I had almost forgotten Provence and it seems most other people have, too. I remember it was an amazingly popular cafe when I was little and we still lived in the area. I remember on the weekends my mother would take me there to get their freshly baked sourdough and a few pastries - my favorite was the Raisin Strudel(I like raisins. I'm weird.)

Now it's a bit sad how empty it has gotten. The place is still amazing - the cute European chic decor, the adorable and delicious sugary confections and their hot chocolate is to die for! For old times' sake I decided to visit :
Our food was a masterpiece - I was almost afraid to eat it! Hot chocolate and le gateau chocolat.

I also got a new purse - it's neutral gray and I can wear it two ways! The top is one I bought a while back and haven't worn a lot. Once again - it's sheer, my other obsession.
Floral top - American Rag
Gray sweatshirt - American Eagle
Shorts - Wallflower
Sandals - Madison
Necklace - Gift (from overseas)
Beige tank - Aeropostale
Bag - Olivia + Joy
Speaking of obsession, I am in love with Katy Perry's outfit in her TGIF music video. And I also adore her video - Katy Perry makes everything look cool. Even braces.

Considering giving into irresponsible temptation and getting myself this number from American Apparel :

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