Sunday, July 24, 2011

Non Affiliated Witches

This is really late, but I absolutely must divulge how Thursday before last went.

It was the day I spent at lunch with Nelly (who has made an appearance on the blog, check her out - To Be or Not To Be) and then met up with some friends from Governor's School to see the finale of a golden era, the Magical World of Harry Potter (or whatever Universal Studios advertises nowadays).To paraphrase an earlier post I made on the subject, it truly was a personal experience for everyone who saw it. Before that night I had no idea a movie could do that.

And as nearly every exciting and fun thing mandates, outfits were created. We, of course were not alone in our costume mania and I am delighted to report that just about everyone who came dressed up. We took a low-key schoolgirl route but there were some fierce Bellatrixes, a few Tonks, a very clever Professor Quirrell (with another person as Voldemort attached on the back) and even Hogwarts herself in all her gray painted glory.

May I mention that my friend Molly is a wonderful photographer and I absolutely had to use her room (and her photographic skills) as a backdrop to my day-time outfit.

Pink shirt - New York & Co
Eyelet skirt - American Eagle
Bow - Micheal's
Jewelry (matching) - Macy's
(You can't see the shoes but they are my gray Madison sandals)

And for the nighttime transformation I chose to don a carefully crafted Boarding School outfit, complete with a non-affiliated silk lavender tie that I did NOT steal from my dad.

Should there be a new house in Hogwarts complete with lavender/black house colors?

Katie, Molly and I resplendent in all our restrained Harry Potter glory.
Striped cardigan - Guess
Button-down - Express
Leggings - Macy's
Lavender tie - Calvin Klein
Flats - Enzo Angiolini
Earrings - Guess
And as a memorial to the only character at who's death I sobbed uncontrollably and messed up my make-up :
 (Taken from Google Images <3)
(Taken from  The Afterword )

I love you Professor Snape.

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  1. hi belle~ I was in Italy in June. I typically go in July and it's VERY hot. Winter is snow and cold. June is great temperature wise, it's in the high 70's, but it can rain very unpredictably.