Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mean Little Nice Girl

Free People lace dress. kelly&katie pumps. Guess cardigan. Forever 21 necklace. Mossimo knit beret.
Strangely, I never wanted to wear girly things when my hair was long and flowy and romantic but NOW that I look like Madeline with her appendix, I am all up for frilly, lacy romantic dresses and heavy eye make-up. Got this gorgeous dress at the Macy's Back-to-School sale which is an awful misnomer because at that point I was in school for 3 weeks....

Another great thing about short hair - I can pull off the cloche! Which is great considering that I will be dragging my dearly beloveds to watch The Great Gatsby with me at the crack o' dawn and praying that they haven't ruined the book. So far only the most recent Pride & Prejudice successfully turned a timeless classic into a movie with all the main parts still intact. Or maybe that was just me being distracted by Matthew Macfadyen in his Darcy makeup. 

I want hats. Lots and lots of hats. Think Mad Hatter on a good hair day.


  1. i love your hair style! so sweet, yet very chic! I always want to try hair style like this too!

  2. Cute post~! Would you like to follow each other?